A to Z Service for CHS Milton Group

With a growing member list and an equally growing list of responsibilities, CHS Milton Group management decided they needed to bring in professionals to handle the content writing services and A to Z production of their magazine. VistaComm was called upon to seamlessly produce a hassle free professional publication: Amber Waves.

CHS Cooperative agricultural magazines - Content writing servicesCHS Milton appointed agronomy manager Travis Peterson, as their point man to work with VistaComm on publishing a high-quality, producer-focused magazine. Prior to working with VistaComm, CHS Milton associates wrote their own articles. Travis and other members of management would then complete layout, design, and proofreading internally, before submitting the publication to their printer. “Utilizing VistaComm definitely saved time. Normally, it was either me or my boss putting everything together, and then we’d have a third-party guy bring it to print.” Now, VistaComm handles the process from A to Z. “Very few of our employees are experienced with journalism, so the new magazine is written more professionally,” said Travis.

VistaComm’s graphic designers created a design for Amber Waves that incorporates CHS Milton’s brand; the magazine is personalized and localized for the cooperative. Each magazine issue is presented in an easy-to-read format, and each page is edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, brand consistency, readability, and overall appeal to ensure a professional outcome. On CHS Milton’s behalf, the VistaComm team also handles the sale of ag advertising spots, which help offset the cost of the project. Each issue is printed on high-quality paper stock, and the VistaComm in-house mail processing department ensures that every issue is mailed to CHS Milton’s target audience on time.

But how did CHS Milton associates respond to the new streamlined process? “Wonderfully. The guys would much rather have somebody come in,” said Travis. “Instead of everyone sitting down and spending a day trying to think of what article to write, they would spend 30 minutes with our VistaComm journalist. This was a time-saver for everybody.”

Being a progressive cooperative requires a professional outreach to the member-owners. “The employees are all closely connected to their growers, but an agricultural magazine is a great opportunity for us to show our customers what’s going on in all locations,” said Travis. “For example, somebody down in Park River or Pisek may have no idea what is going on in Calvin, which is almost 100 miles away. Since Adams is a new part of our business, it’s also a great way for their customers to look at what we have to offer everywhere.”

With positive customer reviews and production responsibilities off their staff’s plate, CHS Milton management can confidently refocus on serving their members instead of worrying about the production of their Amber Waves magazine. VistaComm has it covered. Want to start your own producer-focused magazine and take advantage of VistaComm’s A to Z service and hassle-free process? Give us a call at 866-752-7707.