Build a Better Website the Easy Way: Tips from Siouxland Ethanol

We’ve all seen businesses where the building desperately needs a fresh coat of paint and some much-needed landscaping. You usually try to avoid these places, right? Now think about your website.

What impression is your business’s digital storefront presenting? It’s a question the management team and board of directors of Siouxland Ethanol in Jackson, Nebraska, began asking about their existing website.

Their instincts were right on. Today’s web-savvy customers rely on companies’ online presence to give them an idea of what these businesses have to offer. As technology evolves, every website needs to be revamped periodically to make it more effective.

An outdated website isn’t just a minor hitch. It can make your company look unprofessional or unreliable. It can annoy your visitors if it’s difficult to use. It can even encourage potential customers to call your competitor instead.

The challenge

Presenting a modern, professional image online is important to Siouxland Ethanol, whose leaders want to connect with a diverse audience ranging from potential investors to lawmakers.

“We decided our website was outdated and not user-friendly for our customers and viewers,” said Nick Bowdish, president and CEO of Siouxland Ethanol.

That’s when they turned to VistaComm.

The solution

First, the VistaComm team listened to the Siouxland Ethanol team’s concerns and goals for their new site. After an in-depth planning session, VistaComm’s professionals proposed solutions tailored to Siouxland Ethanol’s unique needs, including website design, content writing services, photography and creative marketing solutions.

darcy_with_airplane_croppedIn June 2016, VistaComm journalist Darcy Maulsby traveled to Siouxland Ethanol to interview key team members and gather information. She used this information to write compelling, concise, updated content for the Siouxland Ethanol site.

Darcy also applied her photography skills to shoot portraits of the management team and board members. At Siouxland Ethanol’s request, she also headed to the Sioux City Airport to go up in a chartered plane and shoot aerial photos of Siouxland Ethanol’s plant.

To complement the images, Siouxland Ethanol wanted to include a few short, professionally-produced videos with board members to tell Siouxland Ethanol’s story and help personalize the information. VistaComm helped coordinate the production of these videos and integrated them seamlessly into the revamped website.


“These videos offer a great way to share key points quickly and easily,” said Amy Williams, Siouxland Ethanol’s administrative assistant. “Encouraging people to hear our story in our board members’ own words also helps strengthen our overall message.”

The VistaComm team incorporated all this content, along with useful information technology solutions, to create the website Siouxland Ethanol desired.

“VistaComm was very knowledgeable and full of great ideas to revamp our website,”Bowdish said. “They also considered our wants and needs for the site.”

The results

This summer Siouxland Ethanol launched its new website, featuring:

  • Modern, uncluttered design
  • Streamlined navigation
  • Easy-to-read fonts
  • Eye-catching photography
  • Professional quality video
  • Responsive design so the site is easy to read on any device

The site is easy for the Siouxland Ethanol team to update. VistaComm’s specialists are also available to help, if needed.

“Everything has been working well, Bowdish said. “Our viewers/customers enjoy the fresh look and user-friendly navigation of our new site,” he noted. “We’re very pleased with the overall outcome.”

That’s not all, Bowdish added. “We would recommend VistaComm to anyone looking to revamp their website.”

VistaComm is ready to help you succeed

Revamping a website the right way is no easy feat, but VistaComm can make it much simpler. We specialize in next-level marketing for agribusiness and can help you modernize your website for maximum impact.