Everyone loves a good story. Employee stories, tips from the experts, product information, technology updates—even interesting photos and helpful videos. You’ve the resources for a great content marketing plan in your office. Use them!

The marketplace is dynamic and evolving on many fronts, including how farmers and ranchers access information. They use a wide range of traditional (newsletters and magazines), in-person and digital channels to get the intelligence needed to help run and manage their operations.

But, if you think print media is falling to the wayside to make room for digital, web and mobile—think again. A recent study conducted by the Agri Media Council discovered while the use of many digital and mobile channels has been increasing steadily over time, this has not taken away from the popularity of traditional print media.

At VistaComm, we support a content marketing strategy that involves a combination of print and digital. Our master storytellers are highly trained professionals who get to the heart of your message. These journalists have mastered the art form of content—print or digital.

When we sit down with you to create a content marketing strategy, our goal is to outline the entire year for you. And the tool we use in this strategic planning is our custom-built editorial calendar.

Why do you need an editorial calendar for all your content?

Because it’s a valuable resource for anyone who continually needs to release new content—and not just in newsletters and magazines. As the name implies, an editorial calendar will help you visually organize all of your upcoming content in calendar form to ensure content is getting written and released according to plan. Professional publishers have been using this practice for decades, so it’s not exactly a revolutionary idea. However, in today’s age of e-newsletters, blogs and social media, more businesses are publishing content than ever before. Thus, this idea has really taken off as an effective way to make sure content stays fresh, consistent and relevant.

Let VistaComm bring the story of your business to life in words and pictures that really speak to your customers through these services:

Our VistaComm journalist always hits the mark—for both our newsletters and website. The information we need to get out there. The stories we need to tell. Everything written in a way that captures readers’ attention and drives them to our website.

Brian J. Yager
HACCP Feed and Safety Compliance
Munson Lakes Nutrition LLC, Howard Lake, MN