Newsletters and magazines might form the foundation of your print marketing strategic plan, but as a strategic marketer, it’s wise to support those tactics with additional communication to your target audience throughout the year. VistaComm is ready to help you plan and execute these marketing strategies.

A well-crafted direct mail piece can announce a new product or service, and drive customers to your website for critical information. How about a campaign aimed at gaining new customers from a neighboring market—let them know who you are and what you sell. Seasonal specials, pre-pay programs and regional crop results are also perfect subjects for direct mail communication. And, don’t forget about open house invitations and seasonal greetings around select holidays. VistaComm can fulfill all your direct mail needs.

VistaComm will also manage your mailing list and postal/mailing process—on target, on time!

VistaComms' Direct Marketing Mail Piece