A Roadmap For Brand Marketing

Assessment sessions can help your business grow

VistaComm tailors discovery and assessment sessions to meet specific client needs.

One of the most common client needs is annual planning. During such a session, VistaComm strategic experts work with clients to establish baseline objectives for their products and services in the coming year. The team then strategizes to maximize the impact of all marketing tactics and determine how progress will be measured for each. This planning session has helped a number of our clients get the greatest possible benefit from their products and services.

Ever wonder what customers, prospects and staff know—or think they know—about your business and its products and services? We have helped many of our clients find out through our branding review. It uncovered what existing marketing and communication efforts were saying about their businesses. This discovery process, led by our brand development specialists, also revealed management, employee and customer attitudes concerning each company’s brand.

In some cases, clients need to fine-tune, or even create, a targeted brand and marketing plan. As an experienced brand marketing agency, we’ve done that, too, by asking our clients what defines success for their business. Then, we worked together to develop a plan that serves as a roadmap to reach specific goals. Critical to this particular process was the development of a unique, unifying brand and a cohesive brand message that connected with their customers.

Whatever your marketing communication needs, VistaComm can help you create, sustain and grow relationships with just the right discovery and assessment process.