A few words about PPC.

In the process of search engine marketing (SEM), you, as an advertiser, can display your advertisement online to a very specific target audience. Then, anytime an actual click is made on your ad, the visitor will be sent directly to your website and you will be charged a predetermined amount. This is called pay-per-click (PPC)—something else the website specialists at VistaComm can help you with.

PPC advertising can be arranged with many sources such as Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. The benefit of PPC advertising is that you can target a very narrow niche of users based on their demographic profiles and search habits.

There are some specific advantages to integrating pay-per-click advertising within your marketing strategy:

  1. With PPC, your ads will be displayed almost instantly.
  2. As your provider, VistaComm will have full control of your ads and can modify them as needed.
  3. A daily budget can be determined, allowing you to begin with a small test and increase in ad frequency, as you wish.
  4. You have the ability to test international, national, regional or local customers only.
  5. You will be generating instant sales.
  6. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.

How can VistaComm get you started with PPC advertising?

  1. Website and landing page optimizations. When an advertiser comes to Google or other PPC providers requesting advertising, they look at a number of factors before they consent:
    • How does your website look?
    • Is your site slow, structured poorly, have coding problems, or more? If so, you’ll be charged highly inflated prices. VistaComm can fix all these issues, reducing the price you pay for clicks.
  2. Account setup and configuration. VistaComm will create and setup your PPC advertising account, following Google Best Practices for search engine marketing to ensure your account is setup properly and optimized from the start.
  3. Keyword research. Yes, keywords are needed in PPC, too. VistaComm has the software and expertise to find keywords that will bring you the best results.
  4. Writing high-converting ads. Before an online visitor clicks on your ad, they’ve got to notice it. At VistaComm, our designers are among the best in online and print advertising. We guarantee they will notice your message and click through.
  5. Analyzing data. Once the online ad campaign goes live, we let it run for a while to obtain data. Analysis involves checking different data points for trends and patterns so we can optimize your campaign while focusing primarily on the end conversion.

The principle concept of PPC is simple, but there’s a lot involved in a successful campaign. VistaComm is prepared to launch and manage your PPC campaign throughout its life—A to Z, turn-key and hassle-free.