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When the Sioux Falls SEO website specialists at VistaComm set out to design or revamp your website, they are focused on results—for you and your business. That’s what a performance-based website provider does and you can count on VistaComm to deliver. We’re focused on driving results – not only for local clients in Tea, Harrisburg, Aberdeen, Watertown, Rapid City and Brookings, South Dakota but clients nationwide!

The advantages of search engines

Search engines are the roadways that bring the majority of all high-quality web traffic to your website. This kind of traffic is the best you can possibly obtain because the intent of your visitor is much greater. Consider this: The visitor actually inserts the topic he’s searching for rather than just clicking a random link on Facebook.

Visitors also trust results from search engines far more than when they’re clicking through from an advertisement. So, if your site can’t be found in popular search engines, you are missing an incredible opportunity to grow your business and increase your bottom line. So, how does one actually move their page rank to #1? Is it difficult? Can I do it myself? These are all questions we will be looking at and answering so you can make an educated decision about whether VistaComm is the right fit!

Why should I hire a SEO agency?

The major search engines are always working towards improving the predetermined set of rules they use to rank websites. This is great for them, but for anyone who actually owns a website, it’s a scary prospect. If you do not know what you’re doing, one simple change to the process can result in your site being dropped entirely. The right website development provider can net you thousands of visitors each month through an effective search engine Marketing strategy, whereas the wrong one could penalize your site and bury it so deeply you’ll never be seen.

What makes VistaComm’s search engine optimization strategy different?

  1. We focus on performance. That’s how we determine our results. What’s more, we’ll gladly show you all the results as proof of our expertise.
  2. We customize our offering to you. Once we determine what your needs are and if VistaComm is a good fit for you, we develop a specialized strategy on how to reach your goals in the shortest period of time. You’ll find true value in our customized search engine optimization agency services.
  3. Pure VistaComm. What we mean by this is we do not outsource our website development services. We know how to do everything from the ground up. We focus on what the major search engines want now and in the future and build your strategy from there.
  4. Client-focused service. VistaComm will help you get the search engine ranking results you need and deserve to effectively grow your business. In addition, we’ll build everything so you can do as much as possible on your own.
  5. Complete White Hat techniques. You may have heard the term white hat, gray hat and black hat. Many companies will play on the dangerous side by utilizing shady link building techniques and other practices to improve your site rankings. WE DO NOT! This not only can get your site penalized but cause significant issues for you. We pride ourselves on 100% white hat strategy.
  6. In-house content writers. “Have you heard the term, Content Is King?” That is still true to this day! The one thing that sets us apart from other firms is our full-time staff journalists who can write unique, high-quality content that will have a massive impact on your rankings.
  7. Full transparency. You have questions and we have the answers. We do not try to hide the things that matter. We’ll show you what you want to see when you want to see it.
  8. Communication. We tend to over communicate! That comes from our practice of treating our client’s money like we would our own!
  9. Up to date on the latest trends through A/B testing. Daily Changes! In order to keep our methods viable and working, we not only read daily but test daily.

How Do We Do SEO?

There are many different components to that have an effect on how well you can rank in the search engines.


This refers to the many different aspects of your web pages relating to content, keyword selection, keyword placement, design and layout. It really comes down to optimizing the content and layout of the page based around what you are trying to rank the page for in the search engines and how users utilize the page. Here is a great article that shows just how technical this one aspect of the ever-changing game can be.


This refers to optimizing the HTML code of your website so search engines can easily crawl it and help show the most relevant content to their users. By laying a solid foundation you will have the best chance to rank the keywords you want to rank. The different components are:

Website structure

What does your sitemap structure look like? Is it simple and to the point?

Link structure

Are your URL’s clean, short and to the point? Nobody likes ugly, and this includes the search engines.

Meta tags

Snippets of text that appear in the search engines that inform users about what the page is about. Is yours optimized with the proper keywords and written to increase your click-thru rates in the search engines. If you’re not getting clicks, why would Google want to move you to the top? A local SEO Sioux Falls strategy is key!

Usability and friendliness

Some refer to this as UX/UI. How well can users utilize your site? Are they finding what they need fast and easy? Do they have to click three times to get to something that should require two? By streamlining your usability and friendliness you will see an increase in conversions and a decrease in bounce rates. This is an absolute must in today’s age.


If your site is not responsive and optimized for mobile then we have some work to do. With mobile so prevalent and Google changing the indexing to be based on the mobile version of your site, this is another ABSOLUTE MUST!


How easily can Google index your pages? Do you have a sitemap? Do you have Google webmaster tools set up?

Image optimization

Are your images optimized to load quickly, increase page speed and reduce the time a user waits?

Site speed

Does your site load within 3-6 seconds? If not you are losing users. Use this free tool to analyze your site speed!


Is it clean or is it bloated? Is it easy for the search engines to crawl through? This can be a very important factor in determining whether or not your content is indexed correctly.


Do you have 4xx, 5xx, 3xx errors? Are there javascript errors? This is crucial in having your pages indexed and preventing your search engine visibility.

Schema markup

This is code that makes your site more easily crawlable with proper indexing of content. It does not just tell the search engines what the content says but exactly what the content is. The different types of schema mark up are articles, local businesses, restaurants, TV episodes and ratings, book reviews, movies, software applications, events and products.

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of search engine optimization and is a huge ranking factor. This is simply factors that take place off of your website that influence your ranking positions in the SERPS. The goal is to improve the search engine and user perception to increase domain authority, trustworthiness and relevance.  So what are some of the different aspects?

  • Link building
    What is link building? Link building is getting hyperlinks from other websites back to yours. The hyperlink is clickable and is how users can go from one site to another site. Why is link building so important? When Google crawls the internet they are looking for these links to help establish domain authority, trustworthiness, and relevance. Missing out on this key function is where many companies fail. It is also why quality work is more expensive, due to the intense labor involved in mastering the art of building relevant and high-quality links. This is the one thing that will set apart one company from another and something VistaComm has mastered, giving us the edge!
  • Social metrics
    Let’s be honest. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are massive and now a part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. What does this mean in terms of our rankings? Social metrics are a huge ranking signal to the search engines. Do you post regularly? What is the interaction on your page? What do your reviews look like? How many followers do you have? This is all part of a bigger marketing strategy that has a direct effect on how well you can rank. It is one other thing that can set you apart from other companies and may be the extra edge you need to overtake the competition.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Nothing is more important for local businesses then being found by people in your area. Rankings differ based on location so it is vital to make sure you can be found by potential local customers. One big factor is having a consistent NAP format across all of your local citations. This is very in-depth and technical and can come down to something as little as the proper placement of a period to maintain uniformity for your address across all websites!

Sounds like a lot right!? So what do you think? Do you need an expert, or are you up to the challenge of managing all of this on your own?

Why Choose Our Premier agency?

There’s a strong movement in internet marketing today away from national companies toward local search engine optimization firms. Why? For the simple reason that unless you do the bulk of your business nationally or internationally, your best choice is a company that understands the locality where you operate.

Here’s one example. In every discussion, you’ll hear about the importance of backlinks in addition to other ranking factors. If your primary concern is being found locally, then where these backlinks come from is very important. Most national firms let computers handle the work of link building, automating the process. That’s not the best way to get quality results for your local Sioux falls SEO business.

An experienced local SEO Sioux Falls company, on the other hand, knows where to get your business found by customers in your area. Sure, they’ll submit your information to the national networks. But they’re going to do their best work locally, where it’s going to do you the best. They also understand the subtleties of language and place that are found only in your region, and they can use that knowledge to your advantage.

Of course, a local company also offers the benefits of accessibility and accountability. You know where they live, so to speak, and how well they handle your business directly impacts their reputation in the community. And when you need to meet to discuss your plan, you don’t have to teleconference.

Personalized communication

You will always be in the loop as a VistaComm website client. Your project manager will make sure of it, communicating site progress and ranking improvements each step of the way. So, when you’re thinking about it, think VistaComm.