Keep Your Brand Strategy on the Rails

editorial-calendar-screenshotsWhen it comes to marketing, you have to have a plan. And planning involves thought and detail. So, how do you stay on track and organized through the planning process—and then throughout the year? Well, you’re in luck. VistaComm has devised a great tool to help you stay organized with your content marketing throughout the year. You can download this valuable asset at

When developing your strategic marketing plan, this valuable tool will help you:

  • Organize your seasonal themes and topics, events, promotions, newsletters—even sales and marketing goals and budgets—month-by-month across the year.
  • List the types of content—along with their topics—you wish to publish throughout the year, along with their completion date.
  • Keep track of the audiences you’re trying to reach.
  • Assign the staff associates for each particular project.
  • Project the date your marketing tactic will impact your chosen audience.