In today’s world, video is a key part of content marketing. Video is everywhere. It’s accessible. It’s engaging.

VistaComm can put your stories in motion and make them memorable—for your website, in-house marketing presentations, television advertising and more. We’ll bring your story to life.

We start with a very basic question, “Why would someone want to watch this video?” We’re not talking about the viral videos you see online—those are for entertainment value. You want a video with marketing value—something that will engage your customers and prospects, drive them to your website and prompt them to purchase your product or service. This is the VistaComm approach, and it fits into the overall marketing strategy we would propose to you.

So, back to the basic question, “Why video?” Make sure you’re creating video with value for your audience. Examples of content that would be very effective in video format include:

  • Demonstrations of your products or services
  • Interviews that position YOU as the expert
  • Customer stories, real-life testimonials
  • Problem/solution tips
  • Promotion for your upcoming events such as trade shows, crop tours and more

VistaComm will provide you with a professional product. Let us attend to the messaging, visual content, lighting, sound and placement of your video for the absolute best use of your marketing dollars.