When it comes to Google and other popular search engines, you want them to “like” you. So, you need optimization, and VistaComm can make that happen. Onsite optimization means your website appears to be perfect in the eyes of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. We go through a number of different steps and processes to make sure you look the best—here’s how:

  1. Onsite error checks. We set up Google webmaster tools and check for any errors or issues, such as duplicate meta titles and meta description tags, crawl errors and ‘page not found’ errors, just to name a few.
  2. Duplicate content and thin content repair. Google checks for duplicate content on your website and penalizes ranking, if they find it. Our astute website technicians check and fix duplicate content, thereby avoiding penalties that negatively impact your ranking. The same holds true for “thin” or weak content pages.
  3. Broken links, slow navigation speed, bad coding. Fixed. And fixed—with VistaComm as your website provider. No penalties here!
  4. Everything balanced. We check and optimize your site’s code and design to establish the perfect balance between design/conversions and SEO.
  5. Keywords are king. We research your niche for keywords that will provide maximum results and conversions, and then incorporate them into your site.

VistaComm leaves no stone unturned.

Even after these five key optimization steps, there’s still more to do to optimize your site’s offsite factors. More bad and unnatural links to check for in order to avoid penalties. We also check all links for text variations and ratios, and set up a very organized and continually optimized linking structure in order to avoid any future penalties. Through the process of expert link building, our web specialists will make sure your website looks crisp and gets you to page one in the search process.

And, finally, VistaComm will create and integrate your social properties—Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+—which have become essential for proper optimization. We set up these accounts and tie everything together to funnel visitors to your website, where they can be converted to sales.