Surprising…Yet Not

What media channels do folks engaged in the business of agriculture turn to most regularly for their information? Finding out was the objective of the 2012 Media Channel Study, conducted by Readex Research for the Agri Council.

More than 1,000 owners, operators, and/or managers of farms or ranches responded to the survey. As you might assume, the survey revealed that all forms of digital communication are planning important roles as information sources for US farmers and ranchers. That trend will continue.

What might come as a surprise to some is that once again, agricultural magazines and ag newspapers continue to be the most important information resource, reaching and influencing the most farmers and ranchers (even among the younger age segment). In general, larger operators tend to be more actively engaged with all media channels as they seek information to run their businesses and inform their decision making.

These results don’t hold true for other business-to-business markets, where digital media has become more dominant. That illustrates the uniqueness of the agricultural marketplace, and underscores why VistaComm continues to maintain our strength in the print medium while offering our customers the full range of digital channels.

To reach every segment of your agricultural audience, you need a communication program that utilizes all of the available tools. That’s what we deliver.

For a more detailed look at the survey results, click here.