Tech Where You Might Not Suspect

The cool thing about technology companies is that they don’t require much infrastructure or a multitude of staffers to make a significant impact. As a result, high-tech hubs are springing up in places that might not come immediately to mind.

It turns out that Sioux Falls, our home, is one of those somewhat unlikely spots where technopreneurs are flourishing. The tech site recently posted an article entitled’s Most Promising Tech Hubs to Watch in 2014. Sioux Falls was among the 10 cities listed. Interestingly, VistaComm also has associates working in two of the other growing tech-friendly locales—Minneapolis/St. Paul and Orlando.

Finding Sioux Falls in the top 10 doesn’t really surprise us. We’re closely connected with the tech community and are well aware that there are some pretty savvy companies in our community. Actually, we’re one of them.

What the ranking does confirm is that we have easy access to some excellent resources we can draw upon to help clients sharpen their marketing communication and grow their business. It’s another great Sioux Falls benefit to add to short commute times and spectacular sunsets.…never minding those blow-through-blizzards from time to time. Sioux Falls South Dakota is a hub for digital technology

Here’s a link to the story.