Testimonials Are Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

It’s no secret that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to grow your business. When you include customer testimonials in your marketing, you are essentially leaning on your satisfied customers to help you spread the good word about your company without having to spend a fortune on advertising to capture attention and/or drive home a point. Here are some key questions and answers to help you start effectively using testimonials in your marketing efforts.

Q: Why are customer testimonials so effective?
A: Testimonials are the most authentic endorsement of your company’s work, providing your audience with the reassurance that your products and services are really worth considering. When a customer gives you their permission to use their positive comments and associate their name with your company,  it gives your  brand and your message instant credibility.

customer_testimonialQ: How do I find candidates for testimonials?
A: Listen for potential testimonials as you and your team visit with customers. Comments that arise during these conversations are often heartfelt and unsolicited. Ask these folks if you can quote them, write up their comments and email them the copy for their approval.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask your good customers for a testimonial. People tend to offer unsolicited complaints rather than unsolicited compliments, so if you actively probe for a testimonial, you can often find some of your best endorsements.

Q: What makes a powerful testimonial?
A: Guide your customers to provide specific details on why they like your product or service and how they benefit from it. Have a list of questions prepared that will help the customer formulate their answer. You want to make sure the testimonial is genuine while still making sure it highlights your business. The goal is to help your audience envision how they might use the service in a comparable way to achieve similar benefits. Take a look at this testimonial from Pat Feeney, who praised United Prairie LLC for the value and service they bring to his farm.

Q: Is there a certain type of client I should feature?
A: People tend to be more receptive to messages from those they can relate to. If you want to promote your agronomy services, for example, get a testimonial from a respected corn, soybean or wheat grower in your area. If you’re seeking a broader audience, feature a diverse group of customers who can share a variety of experiences and benefits.

Q: How can I use testimonials most effectively?
A: Place your testimonials in a spot where they’re readily visible. Finding a high-profile location on your website is a good start. Albert Lea Seed includes a testimonial and encourages farmers to submit their stories right on their home page. You can also click through to read other testimonials and stories that have been submitted.

We can help

There’s no better time to start collecting testimonials than today. If you’re too busy or too reluctant to go out and seek compelling testimonials from your best customers, we can help.  Our team of talented journalists can become your team of testimonial collectors, calling and capturing their remarks and turning them into a powerful sales tool. Contact us today to get started.