Thanks Isn’t Enough

VistaComm celebrates National Ag Day to honor the farmers who feed us
Today is National Ag Day—a single day designated to honor those who spend countless hours producing the food, fiber, and energy that keep a good portion of the world fed, clothed, and moving. One day isn’t really enough.

As a company, we owe our success almost exclusively to the agricultural industry. So, we thought it appropriate to ask our co-workers the question, “Why do you love agriculture?” Their answers ranged from the practical to the poetic. Here are a few of those answers. We’ll share some of the others in future posts.

Why do I love agriculture? Because farming is all about food, family, and faith—the essentials of life. While our culture focuses a great deal of attention on future NFL athletes and Hollywood celebrities, I’m thankful for America’s farmers. In the words of cowboy poet Baxter Black, for every 100 rock stars and Heisman trophy winners our country produces, we’d better make sure we spend enough to train at least two future farmers so the rest of them can eat. Thank goodness for our farmers, because they hold our future in their hands.

—Darcy Maulsby, VistaComm journalist and fifth-generation Iowa farmer

I love agriculture for all the wonderful sights and smells you associate with each season. You can anticipate what each season brings, and when it comes, it’s a comforting assertion of life moving in its familiar, earthy cycle.

—Betsy Poppens, VistaComm editor

I love agriculture because of its traditions, how it connects me to the land and my family—and because everything we do on the farm matters, locally and globally.

—Lynn Woolf, VistaComm journalist and Kansas farmer

It’s pretty simple for me. I love food = I love ag.

—Aaron Svennes, VistaComm software developer

What’s not to love?

—Troy Long, VistaComm president

It’s the people that produce the crops and the meat for the tables of the world. They are smart, they are passionate about what they do, and they are real. No façade. Honest. Trusting. Trustworthy. That’s why I love agriculture.

—David Aeilts, VistaComm senior journalist

Agriculture feeds the world, my community, and my family!

—Lura Roti, VistaComm journalist

Why do I love agriculture? Well, thanks to agriculture and farmers, we are able to feed our families delicious and nutritious meals every day. And those that know me best know you don’t want to be around me if I haven’t eaten. Without those meals, I’d be pretty crabby.

—Jamie O’Brien, VistaComm web specialist

You get the impression that folks here like to eat. Well, who doesn’t? Thanks, farmers and ranchers, for doing the job that everyone in America counts on, but few understand. We truly do appreciate you.