The Magic of Motion

In business, if you're not in motion you're falling behind
Ever considered the relationship between motion and innovation? I’m thinking in organizational terms here.

Every organization is moving—even those that are standing still. That’s because movement is always relative to something else. So if the current of your industry is moving strongly forward, and you aren’t, you’re losing ground. Even if you created the product everyone had to have last year, if you haven’t developed the next generation, you’ve fallen behind.

Once again, I’ll quote the provocative Seth Godin: “Like a rock in a flowing river, you might be standing still, but given the movement around you, collisions are inevitable. The irony for the person who prefers no movement is that there’s far less turbulence around the log floating down that same river. It’s moving, it’s changing, but compared to the river around it, it’s relatively calm.”

We learned the basic rules in physics class. We put them into practice in driver’s education. A body at rest tends to stay at rest. It takes a lot less energy to change lanes on the freeway than it does to parallel park.

In a world where significant advances can literally take place overnight, resting on yesterday’s accomplishments isn’t an option. A culture of motion, one that communicates a sense of movement and purposeful direction, fosters innovation. It’s understood that forward-looking ideas that maintain or accelerate that movement are welcome.

Are you moving? If so, how well are you conveying that sense of movement and direction to the members of your organization? We’d love to hear your story.

Photos courtesy of fincher69