The New VistaComm Look

Summer is gone and the days of crunching leaves, eating pumpkin pie, and trick-or-treating are upon us. That’s right, fall is officially here. And the change in seasons also means construction is nearly complete at our VistaComm headquarters.

Over the past 10 weeks, our office has been remodeled to increase the productivity of our work space and create a friendly, welcoming environment for visitors. The interior colors have been brightened, a walkway has been installed, the sidewalk and parking lot were re-paved, a fresh coat of paint was applied to the building’s exterior, and the VistaComm editing room has been transformed into two new rooms.

Our new “think tank” has emerged from the editing room makeover. This isn’t your typical meeting room. With three walls painted with idea paint—which allows dry-erase markers to be used on the walls—the think tank fuels creativity. It’s a unique space that’s perfect for brainstorming.

Changes also included the reconfiguration of office furniture and VistaComm associates moving to new work areas. After a few days of playing musical chairs, everyone was in their new seating and the swap proved beneficial. Increased collaboration has been one perk of the new arrangement.

As everything continues to fall into place, VistaComm extends thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding during the construction phase. We also send out a big thank you to all those who made this remodel possible: Beck & Hofer Construction, Matz Painting & Wall Covering, Workplace Technology, Brown & Saenger, Maximum Promotions, John Hoffman, AVI Systems, and Baumgartner’s Electric.

Looking towards the future, VistaComm associates are excited about the opportunities the new office environment brings. We look forward to putting the space to good use and continuing to provide effective and unique communication solutions. If you find yourself in Sioux Falls, VistaComm welcomes you to stop in and check out the new look!