The Next Wave Is Already Here

The key resource for the next wave of change in ag is dataIf you’re a weather geek (like I am) you may be familiar with this scene from the movie Twister.  As a nighttime tornado bears down on an unsuspecting Oklahoma town, one member of the chase team screams out, “It’s coming! It’s headed right for us!” to which the main character responds, “It’s already here.”

So is the next sea change in agriculture.

This revolution could be equivalent to the mechanization of agriculture, or the introduction of hybrid seed, synthetic pesticides, and supplemental fertilizers. It won’t be as dramatic visually, but the effects will be profound. Dr. Jim Budzynski, managing principal of MacroGain Partners, refers to this next wave as Agriculture 3.0. He asserts that this movement will be driven by two big picture changes—a focus on profitability rather than efficiency and a shift from specialization to integration.

The implications of this technology-driven revolution are several, but one in particular stands out to us at VistaComm. Budzynski concludes that “Precision agriculture and related crop services will explode in importance as the need to integrate diverse data sets and drive active decision-making will replace pretty yield charts.”

He’s not alone in his conclusion that data, and the management of that data, is the new frontier. Ag organizations positioned to help farmers utilize the vast data resources they will be creating will gain a huge advantage—and forge virtually unbreakable bonds with their customers.

Don’t be caught unaware like those Oklahoma townsfolk. Are you ready to be the trusted resource your customers turn to with their data? If not, we can help, so get in touch with us and get ready to ride the wave.