The Travels of the King

CORN, THE KING OF CROPS. Yes, soybeans may have briefly stolen the title in 2018, but it’s likely that corn will regain the crown in 2019. There are few places in America where corn is not grown. Even city-dwellers plant sweet corn in community gardens.

In corn country, we watch with anticipation each year as the “little soldiers” (as my farmer friend likes to call emerging corn plants) mature into the towering rows that provided James Earl Jones a doorway to adventure in Field of Dreams.

Come harvest, the country comes alive with combines, tractors, wagons and semis, hauling their golden cargo to…where exactly? Where does all that corn go? This infographic explains where our U.S. corn crop travels after it leaves the field—and what happens when it reaches its destination.

Resource: The World of Corn 2018, the National Corn Growers Association.