The Truth About Web Technology

The ability to adapt to change is a key component of good website designNewsflash: Technology is not yet able to anticipate—and adapt to—change.

When we say, “Technology just keeps changing,” that’s not true. People keep changing technology. And the difference is important.

I received two messages recently. The first was from a prospective client who made the decision not to utilize our website services based on “value.” In other words, the competing company could give them a nice looking site for less money. That may be enough for now. But what are they really buying?

Every website has the same basic components—design, navigation structure, and a content management system (CMS). Behind all of that lies programming which enables the site to function, to interact with various web browsers, and adapt to changing web requirements. The lifecycle for an active website is, at best, 3-5 years. And that window is shrinking.

If you’ve simply purchased a pretty site, you have likely received a commodity with a limited life, similar to a personal computer. Or a can of beans.

The human element

The second message came shortly after the first from another prospect. They were attracted to VistaComm by the simple fact that we are more than a web development company who responds to client needs, but rather one that thinks and advises them proactively on their behalf.

And that is the distinction. What delivers the greater long-term value: a site…or a relationship? Is the right question, “What can my website do for me?” or “What can my website partner do for me?”

Make no mistake. We produce great designs. Our sites are easy to navigate. And I would put our CMS (SPA Accelerator) up against any in the industry. (By the way, before you buy any site, check under the hood. See what the CMS is capable of accomplishing, and how easy it is to accomplish it). But behind every website, every technological advance, every upgrade and adaptation, are people. Remember, as I said in the beginning, technology doesn’t provide solutions. People do.

As you evaluate your website decision, look beyond the platform to the people. Are they going to assess your needs, challenge your thinking, proactively act on your behalf, look out for your best interests along the way, and continually offer new solutions that are delivering great success to companies just like yours? Or are they just going to build you a website?

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