Think Like a Cow

Just as cows ruminate, we need time to think to unlock our potentialAt least you’re thinking about what in the world this means. As ag types, I would guess we think, write, and talk about cows more than the average American. We know what makes cows tick. For instance, we know they’re ruminants—which means they eat their lunch, then bring it up again for a mid-afternoon snack. Hence the concept of “ruminating” on an idea.

How often do you ruminate?

Granted, fast action is sometimes the best policy. I don’t want my emergency room doctor considering the best course of treatment overnight. But generally, we might be better off shifting down a gear or two. As a member of a society obsessed with the immediate, it’s easy for me to speak before thinking, post before checking, or spend before planning.

We have a phrase we’ve found effective in helping us generate less frantic activity and more solid, useful ideas—Thinking Before Spending,  Accuracy Before Speed.  It’s helped us get it right the first time many more times than not—while still meeting client deadlines.

Got a great example of a time when a bit of pondering paid off? Or when speed didn’t? We’d love to hear about it.