This Just In…

A VistaComm writer determines QR codes are not the mark of the beastWell, not as far as we know, anyway. The jury is still out on that “mark of the beast” thing.

The point is, as one of my colleagues (actually, my boss) pointed out, I may have unfairly portrayed QR codes as a universal evil in my previous post. Not so. In fact, QR codes can be very effective if used correctly and judiciously.

Here, for example, are a few applications that lend themselves very well to the use of the QR code:

  • Mobile payments
  • Coupon offerings
  • Recipes
  • Product packaging
  • Contests
  • Connect to social media

By giving users a unique experience or something of value (ie, coupon) quickly, the QR code becomes a measurable engagement tool which adds value to the end user and the company or organization using it. That leads us back to the original point. The issue isn’t bad technology. The problem is poor execution. And that’s where the VistaComm philosophy of “thinking” before “doing” pays off.

If you need help formulating smart strategies that get the most from communication technology, that’s what we’re here for.