Three Steps to Customer Engagement

Remember the “good old days” when a print newsletter was enough to stay in touch with your customers and prospects? Now some marketing consultants are saying you also need to produce killer blogs, compelling videos, engaging posts on Facebook and Twitter, timely e-newsletters filled with useful content, and more.

Is your head spinning yet?

It’s tempting to wimp out and wish this would all go away, but let’s reframe the issue. Social media is no fad—we’re all experiencing a communication revolution that’s here to stay. Your prospects, clients, and competitors are talking online about issues that are important to your company (maybe they’re even talking about you!), so it’s important that you join the conversation.

Here are our top three tips to help you avoid the temptation to wimp out and embrace the opportunity to engage your audience:

    1. Think about where your customers and prospects get their information. There’s a good chance that your audience spends a lot more time online than you realize, thanks to mobile devices ranging from iPads to smartphones. When your clients and prospects are online, where do they go? Blogs? Facebook? Twitter? YouTube? Ask your customers what sites they visit. This will help you conjure up the content that will be most useful to them.
    2. Play to your strengths. While timely, relevant content is a competitive advantage, you don’t have to use every tool in the social media/e-communication toolbox to get the job done. If e-newsletters and YouTube work well for your organization, maybe Facebook isn’t quite as useful in your situation. Take some time to evaluate the options that might be a good fit, however, and use some of the tools—or, at the very least—one tool, really well to communicate with your audience.
    3. Develop a schedule. Staying in touch consistently is the key to success in marketing. A publishing schedule allows you to plan, produce, and publish content in a timely manner. For example, shoot for one new blog post every week or two, or a new YouTube video every month. If you can update your content more often with relevant information, that’s even better in today’s fast-paced world of marketing communication.

Let’s keep the conversation going
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