In Times of Change, Awareness Is Key

Change. The word is everywhere. It’s not overused, really, especially as we learned on election day. With that said, let’s talk about what prompts change—progressive, positive change.

Change begins with a simple awareness of the world around you, and a keen desire not only to keep pace, but to jump ahead of what’s happening. This is especially true in the business world.

For many of our clients, 2016 has been a year of change. Mergers. Acquisitions. Joint ventures. Management realignment. At VistaComm, we have recognized our role in helping clients make change successful for them. We’ve worked hard to position our company as a leader in agribusiness marketing. And this has brought change to VistaComm.

Change in Leadership

The first change occurred in leadership this July. Maria Walz, a 19-year veteran of VistaComm, was named CEO. A CPA by training, Maria previously served as our company’s CFO and COO. “My goal in my new role is to bring proven marketing expertise together with innovative solutions to help our clients thrive,” said Maria.


Maria Walz, New CEO of VistaComm

A New Brand Identity

One of Maria’s first initiatives was to rethink and refresh our branding with a new logo and tagline. “Since we felt like we were writing a new chapter in our story, we wanted a logo that celebrated the ongoing evolution of our company and the success of those we serve in agribusiness,” said Maria.

VistaComm logo with tag

Our new logo reflects our style and philosophy. Simple. Memorable. Meaningful. The icon depicts two gently rolling, plowed fields meeting to form a shallow “V.” As Maria explained, that intersection is the crease in which VistaComm thrives—where agribusiness challenges get matched with custom-built marketing solutions. It’s fertile ground for nurturing ideas and growing business. “Our logo now mirrors the quality of the leading-edge services and solutions we provide,” said Maria.

A new tagline—Next-Level Marketing for Agribusiness—positioned with our logo is direct at explaining the WHO and WHAT of our business model. “We’re marketing experts in agribusiness,” said Maria. “We know our rural, ag-based audience, their sensibilities and what they’re looking for in a marketing partner.” Gets a Facelift

Our next major change was a powerful new website to help payoff our “next-level” approach to serving clients. “Whether your challenge is upgrading your branding and messaging, clearly communicating with your stakeholders, growing your market share, or raising your industry profile, we can offer a variety of solutions—all outlined on,” said Maria.


In summary, our awareness of our clients’ needs led us to many positive changes this past year. And with these major changes comes a commitment to responsibility. To keep up. To do better. To grow. And to always maintain awareness of what’s taking place around us.