Top 10 Tips to Speak Human

Ten Tips to Speak Human - VistaCommunity's Weekly Virtual Advisor

Are you human? Are your customers and prospects? We thought so.

Even when you’re marketing to all your customers and prospects, it’s important to remember that you’re still speaking to individuals. To communicate effectively, you have to stop sounding like everyone else. Nix the corporate gobbledygook. Steer clear of the bland corporate tone.

Not sure where to start? Here are our 10 tips to help you develop your company’s own distinctive voice:

  1. Determine who you are trying to reach. The more specific you can be and the more details you know, the better.
  2. Speak your customers’ language. Include words and phrases that your potential customers use.
  3. Make your key points up front. With any piece of content, you’ve got very little time—often less than 10 seconds—to capture someone’s attention. Make sure your headlines and leads convey your most important information right away.
  4. Write like you talk. Don’t be afraid to use a conversational tone. Offer content that sounds as though a real person, not a corporate department, crafted it.
  5. Avoid jargon and marketing-speak. You don’t need to use technical terms or complicated lingo to sound professional. Remember, clear communication is effective communication.
  6. Show, don’t tell. Instead of listing all the features of your product or service, share customer testimonials that demonstrate how your company helps people save money, save time, and/or operate their business more successfully.
  7. Let your originality shine through. Being faceless doesn’t work in today’s crowded marketplace. Give your readers a sense of the unique people who make your company work.
  8. Remember that it’s about them, not you. While it’s easy to get caught in talking about your “industry-leading technology” or your “team of professionals,” take the point of view of your customers and prospects. They care about “What’s in it for me?” and are much less interested in hearing about how exceptional your company is.
  9. Take a stand. It’s important to communicate a position or point of view on subjects that are relevant to your customers and prospects. Have something to stay, and don’t be blah!
  10. Include a call to action. Good content always drives action. What message do you want your audience to take away? What action do you want them to take? View any content you create as a way to further your business relationship.

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