Top Three Ways to Master Your Digital Handshake

A good handshake communicates a lot when you meet someone new. Done right, it can convey confidence, warmth, and professionalism. A handshake that’s too weak or overly aggressive, however, tells others that you’re timid or overbearing.

The same situation occurs online with your e-communication, from your website to your e-newsletters. Do you present a digital handshake that portrays your company in the best way possible?

When it comes to making a good online impression, here are the top three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Show some personality. No matter where your company communicates online, you want to show that there are real people involved. “Speaking human” builds credibility. Don’t hide behind corporate gobbledygook or take all the fun out of your communication. You can be personable and still be professional.
  2. Modify your digital handshakes for different settings. When you’re making a first impression through your website, you may be connecting with people who aren’t familiar with your company’s products and services. You want to anticipate their questions and give them the information they’re looking for. Be straightforward, and present your knowledge clearly and concisely. Your handshake on your blog or in social media will be a little more familiar. Be friendly, and let your personality shine through. In your e-newsletters, make your contact timely and focused on the needs of your target audience.
  3. Build relationships. Wherever you are on the web, you can make a stronger impression by being generous. Share your knowledge. If someone wants to do an interview with you, say yes, if possible. Also, shy away from the trap of always coming across like you’re selling something. Build relationships first, and the sales will come.

Let us help you perfect your digital handshake

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