Trick Or…Just Treat!

In September, our production team produced more newsletters than there are days in the month, so we decided that they deserved a little treat.  Two of our business development associates made a quick trip to OfficeMax and Hobby Lobby to pick up the supplies to create a small photo studio.  They returned and snuck the materials into the storage room to put together the surprise.  With just foam board, a few pieces of cloth, a table, and some natural light, they created the studio.

An ordinary table from our storage room.

One Tri-fold foam board to use as a reflector.

Two more pieces of foam board, one covered in red fabric to create a background and the other covered in tan fabric to create a base.

Finally, all of the pieces are positioned in front of an open door to allow for natural indirect light to bounce off the tri-fold reflector.

After leading the production team back to the storage room, we unveil the new photo studio.

Using some natural, afternoon indirect lighting across from our tri-fold reflector, with a white foam board base and background.

Journalist Burke Perry created this photo.