United Prairie’s Smart Partnership

Being at the forefront of technology is becoming a vital component to the growth of every agribusiness.  United Prairie LLC decided to look to the future and partner with VistaComm to launch a brand-new SmartSite. United Prairie understood that aligning with VistaComm meant more than just getting a new website. It meant having a strategic partner who would be at their side every step of the way. The first step in developing a new website brought the management team from United Prairie to the VistaComm office for a VisionBuilder strategic planning session.

In the VisionBuilder session, the VistaComm team and United Prairie management laid down the goals and expectations for their custom SmartSite and marketing strategy. United Prairie’s goal was to have an easy-to-use website that is intuitive, interactive, and updated with fresh content regularly to display United Prairie’s eagerness to be on the frontline of technology. They needed a website that was a marketing tool that would ultimately drive sales and would benefit United Prairie customers and associates alike.

It was important to United Prairie to have a website that would display appropriately across all mobile devices. VistaComm had the answer: SmartSite. A VistaComm SmartSite is designed to display beautifully—and function intuitively— on devices of any size. They are the next wave in web design, as different from the technology that preceded them as a sports car is from a station wagon. The content areas of a SmartSite webpage adjust their size to the size of the screen on which they are viewed.  And the key differentiator, with SmartSite design, as the screen size changes, the layout of the entire page actually adapts to the new format. Rather than losing elements from the screen, everything adjusts and remains accessible and clean.

With the rapid migration of the web to mobile devices, there is an obvious advantage that SmartSite design brings to a website. Now the site looks great and performs well on everything from a Smartphone to a widescreen HDTV.  

United Prairie's SmartSite looks great on a desktop

Desktop View

United Prairie's SmartSite looks great on a tablet

Tablet View

United Prairie's SmartSite looks great on a smartphone

Smartphone View

“Google concludes from a new study that non-mobile friendly sites actually damage a company’s reputation. 36% of respondents said they felt like they’ve wasted their time by visiting those sites, and 52% of users said that a bad mobile experience made them less likely to engage with a company. Almost half felt that a site that works poorly on a smartphone indicates a company that does not care about their business.”

-Google Blog


A SmartSite performs well on all devices

United Prairie also recognized the need for a strategy to reach out to the producers in their trade territory. To accomplish this, they added the VistaComm Message Center tool to their already robust SmartSite. The Message Center is used to inform and educate customers and associates through effective email and text messaging strategies, along with a quarterly e-newsletter program. Through email and text message opt-in, United Prairie is able to contact their clients and prospective clients in the manner that they choose to be reached.

Now that the site has been launched, VistaComm continues to stand by United Prairie’s side for everything from technical support to content writing and everything in between. The VistaComm team is passionate about United Prairie’s success and is available for assistance at a moment’s notice.


United Prairie came to VistaComm looking for a new website and found a strategic marketing partner.  With VistaComm’s continued support, United Prairie is strengthening their relationship with current customers and converting prospective customers through precision marketing strategies. 

Want to see what VistaComm can do to grow your business and strengthen your customer relationships?  Contact us at www.vistacomm.com/contact.