Use Surveys to Uncover Customer Perceptions

How do you know what people think about your company—I mean, what they really think? Well, you could ask them, because asking has never been easier. The EZ Survey Service from VistaComm can help you gather—and analyze—the valuable input you need to make informed business decisions, set goals, and measure performance.

No pain, much gain
With a choice of delivery methods and survey formats, plus the freedom to develop as much—or as little—of the survey content as you choose, the survey process is flexible and easy. Ease of use was one big reason Country Pride Cooperative, headquartered in Winner, SD, decided to try the EZ Survey Service.

“We wanted information about customer expectations and their satisfaction with our company in order to determine strategies for improvement,” recalls Linda Husher, vice president of human resources and corporate development for Country Pride. “We also wanted to benchmark our products and services against our competitors. A survey was the best way to get that information.”

In order to develop strategies to gain new business, Country Pride also wanted to reach some non-customers.  “VistaComm was able to help us target that non-customer segment, securing a mail list of non-customers in our trade area,” Husher states.

How the survey delivered
Once the survey questions had been developed and finalized, the survey was ready to launch. A postcard was sent to the entire list informing them that they would soon be contacted for a survey. That way, their target audience would be looking for the survey and know it was coming from a reliable source—both important factors in improving survey completion rates.

Husher notes that the survey process was easy to follow and implement. “What we really appreciated was the fact that we were able to use both a mailed survey and an electronic version in order to touch both our customer and our non-customer targets.”

According to Husher, the survey delivered. “The responses we got back were insightful and helpful, and we’re utilizing them in our strategic planning process to identify things we’re doing well and areas where we need to improve. The survey did just what we hoped it would.”

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