VistaComm Technology Guides the Eyes in the Sky

VistaComm wrote custom software to guide an aerostatPrecision isn’t just an asset in marketing: it’s a vital requirement for Aerostar International’s equipment that protects U.S. military troops.

This dynamic VistaComm client, which we profiled in our Fall 2010 issue of Agri-Insights magazine, has attracted a lot of great media coverage lately from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader to Fox News.

Aerostar, a Midwest-based technology company, manufactures tethered aerostats, or blimps, used by the U.S. military to precisely monitor enemy movements from a distance. When the company needed to develop new software to control the aerostat’s movements from a computer on the ground, VistaComm took on the challenge, developing the needed software without the benefit of a true test platform.

“Initially, some of the hardware the new software had to interface with was still in development when we began the project,” says Joel Kauffman, VistaComm’s technology department manager. “Then, of course, we weren’t able to simulate the operating environment, since they didn’t have a spare aerostat just hanging around for us to use. But we were able to work around that and produce software that did what Aerostar needed it to do.”

Not only was this new software was completed on time, but this VistaComm technology is now in use to keep aerostats on station.

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