Welcome to the Discussion

Here’s the deal. If I’m fishing, I’d prefer to be left alone. Just me and my normally empty line. I don’t want company. I don’t want input, suggestions, or advice. I want to be alone with the water, the sun, and my thoughts.

Great for fishing. Lousy for blogs.

Our goal here is to create an online community focused on precision agriculture marketing and everything that revolves around that concept. Just like a community, the more people who get involved, the better this will work. We need your input, even if it’s simply “Interesting” or “Really, guys, can you try a little harder?”

Blogging is changing the way we communicate and learn. As we said in the last issue of Agri-Insights, no matter where we are physically, this online community enables us to get that one person who holds a totally different perspective in a virtual room with the rest of us.

This is why we’ve launched VistaComm+Unity, an online forum for learning, sharing, and growth. We think we’ve got something to contribute. More importantly, we believe you have a lot to teach us—and each other.

We look forward to hearing from you.