What’s ONE Good Idea Worth?

What if you came across one idea to create relevant, compelling content that could help you stay top of mind with your customers? Reach more prospects? Boost your profit potential?

While it sounds easy enough to write a blog, send a quick e-newsletter, or keep your website updated with fresh content, finding one good idea to jumpstart the process can seem impossible when you don’t have any breaking news to share.

That’s why we’ve compiled not one, but five, top tips to help inspire you when you think there’s nothing to say.

  1. Talk to the people on your front lines. Ask them what customers and prospects are contacting them about. What challenges are they facing? How might you help them resolve these issues? Make these topics the basis of how-to article for your e-newsletter or a question-and-answer piece for your next blog.
  2. Share current photos. It seems like everyone has a digital camera these days, and photos offer an easy way to create fresh content for your website, e-newsletter, blog, or print newsletter. Snap photos at field days and meetings, or stop by the construction site if you have a building or remodeling project underway. All these images help you share what’s going on at your company.
  3. Go behind the scenes. Show things that your customers don’t normally get to see, such as the technology that helps your energy department provide efficient service and competitive pricing. Sharing photos gives an insider’s view of your company and offers another way to strengthen relationships with your customers and prospects.
  4. Analyze industry news. Provide your perspective on a recent news story or trend that’s affecting your industry and/or your customers’ businesses. This approach can help you generate timely content that positions you as an expert.
  5. Interview experts in your field. Did the keynote speaker at your last annual meeting offer a wealth of insights? Did a presenter at a recent industry meeting share important information that would be good for your customers to know? See if these people would mind doing a quick phone or e-mail interview that you can use to create a new website article, e-newsletter item, or blog post.

Like what you’ve heard?
If you’ve been inspired by one (or more!) of these tips but dread the thought of creating all this content, we’ve got you covered. Contact us to learn more about how VistaComm journalists and e-communication specialists can provide customized solutions for your unique needs.

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