What’s Worth Reading in the Next Agri-Insights?

Every issue of Agri-Insights magazine contains great marketing tipsNaturally, my answer is everything. The next issue of Agri-Insights, the magazine of best practices from VistaComm, should have arrived in your mailbox. Here are four things you’ll miss if you don’t read it:

  1. Open Invitation: How one major technology manufacturer multiplied the power of one of their platforms by creating an Application Programming Interface (API) site and building a development community.
  2. Digital Distress?: Making sense of all the latest digital communications options can be overwhelming. Here’s some information that will help.
  3. The Sale Is Only the Beginning: Sales drive business. No kidding. But what you do for your customer after the first sale will determine whether you make a second.
  4. Futuristic Content Management: Creating a great website may be the easy part. Now you’ve got to maintain it. This content management system makes it easy.

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