Work Smarter – Not Harder – in 2012

Hard work is recognized as a pre-requisite for success in business. If you lay the right foundation with your marketing strategies, however, you can work smarter – not harder – to maximize your returns this year.

Think of the marketing content you’re already creating to communicate with your clients and prospects. Maybe you produce a newsletter, updates for your website, an e-newsletter, sales brochures, or press releases. Why not get even more value from these pieces?

Useful content can come in a variety of formats, lengths, and media. Think text, video, and other options. Here are our top three tips to help you reimagine relevant information and successfully collect the good stuff in one place for your audience:

    1. Adapt newsletter articles, press releases, and more. These rich sources of information can provide ideas for your next blog post, material for your next PowerPoint presentation, and adapted into website content. The concept of repurposing information for your website is especially effective on a number of levels. The more useful information you provide, the longer visitors to your website will stay, the more they will invite others to take a look, and the more often they will come back.
    2. Capture key information when it happens. If your company is hosting a meeting with a well-respected speaker, set up a video camera to capture the presentation. VistaComm can help you edit the key points into short, compelling videos that you can place on your website. By highlighting the most relevant, interesting information presented at your next seminar, you can establish your company as an authority and thought leader, while building trust with your clients and prospects.
    3. Go mobile. As more people access information from their smartphones and iPads, it pays to optimize your web content for mobile devices. Optimizing for screens large and small doesn’t have to be complicated. VistaComm can help you get the job done simply and effectively.

Above all, don’t hesitate to share content that’s relevant and valuable to your audience. By presenting your content in different formats, you’ll save time and will reinforce your position as a credible, authoritative source of valuable information.

Let’s keep the conversation going
Since a steady stream of good content will help you reach these goals, a publishing schedule can keep you on track. VistaComm can help you create the content, develop a schedule, and distribute your content in a variety of formats suited to your customers’ needs.

Contact us today at or 866.752.7707 to start the conversation. We’ll be disappointed if we don’t hear from you in 2012!